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Keys to the Kingdom

Organic. Soulful. Alchemic.

Devoted to the artistry of breeding exceptional cannabis genetics. Led by master organic cannabis seed breeder - Jeff, Keyplay, Selsor - Keys to the Kingdom prides itself in creating artisan, hand-crafted regular marijuana seeds. Our intention is to provide quality, organic, holistic medicine to whoever wants the companionship of cannabis on their healing and spiritual journey. We celebrate the miraculous power of organic cannabis to enhance health. 

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 Keys to the Kingdom offers cannabis genetics crafted in an all organic environment by one of the world's most prolific and well known cannabis geneticist. We only offer regular cannabis seeds as Keyplay believes true medicinal cannabis can only be grown from regular seeds.  Cannabis has infinite expressions, many ways to show her beauty, there is also a very disciplined and rigorous approach one must take to mining the true medicinal potential of this plant. I'm currently focused on pheno hunting and building with landraces and special legacy genetics for both preservation and to address the bottlenecks in the current cannabis genetics landscape. 


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