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Unrivaled Organic Cannabis Genetics

Keys to the Kingdom offers cannabis genetics crafted in an all organic environment by one of the world's most prolific and well known geneticist. Keyplay, the organic seed grower, whose reputation precedes him, continues the rich tradition he began decades ago, a tradition rooted in natural farming, holistic healing, and proprietary organic growing methods to produce potent, healthy, life-giving flower. 


Keyplay returns to his roots tending to his private garden creating the next genetic building blocks of modern cannabis libraries. Keys to the Kingdom offers quality, organic, holistic medicine to whoever wants the companionship of cannabis on their healing and spiritual journey. Cannabis has infinite expressions, many ways to show her beauty, there is also a very disciplined and rigorous approach one must take to mining the true medicinal potential of this plant.

Keyplay has always been in search of providing the highest quality cannabis genetics. Keyplay intends to focus this next chapter of work on hunting and building with landraces and special legacy genetics for both preservation and to address the bottlenecks in the current genetics landscape.


Keys to the Kingdom offers F1 regular seeds only, bred in an all organic environment and rigorously tested. We exercise every possible care in the selection process, and in the growing, harvesting, and curing of our seeds. Keyplay's entire effort is devoted to the production of seeds of the highest quality. Keyplays does this one thing as well as possible.


At Keys to the Kingdom you will find medical cannabis seeds bred with the finest organic means and methods with great intentions and a lot of love.

Meet Keyplay

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Jeff is a major influence in the cannabis industry. A recognized champion grower and breeder, the creator of over 300 unique crosses including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, Breathworks #1, Unitas, East Coat Grateful Breath, Route 66, Countdown, and Romantic Warrior. A lifelong researcher of nature and science, Jeff has immersed himself in the study of natural healing and natural farming. Jeff lives by an ethic of quality without compromise. This is what has allowed him to create some of the world’s most delighted and memorable cannabis varieties for healing and reflection. 

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Media Kit

Learn more about Keys to the Kingdom and Keyplay, including his publications, awards, and speaking engagements on organic cannabis genetics. We are always interested in exploring business, media, and networking opportunities.

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