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Aesthetics of Selection Philosophy

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I look at the plant from many different views, and sides. I circle my work and try to be introspective. When I first started it was recommended by JoJo Rizzo to have as much fun as possible. That’s what I’ve tried to do. I’ve tried to make it very interesting, exciting, and adventurous. I always had a love for the landraces, and the exotics. Even as a kid, smoking Panama Red seeds and all, squished up un-bricked flower was super exciting to me. That’s why I like to use different flavors on my palette. Right now, I’m working with a Panama Red, Congolese, and Viet Black.

This is about a good aesthetic. What is a good aesthetic? You don’t follow the herd with the Cookies crew and gassy crew or THC percent chasers. What I am doing is bringing interesting strains to medical patients and to people who need it in their spiritual work. I’m trying to bring cannabis that has real value, and I believe the terpenes are where the true value is at. The flavor, smells, the way they work together brings the true medicinal value and spiritual connection.

It’s not always how the plant looks but it’s the essence. The essence of what has been put in to those cannabis seeds. Who has worked the plant, who has touched it, how has it been worked. I’m going to tell you I’ve tried some seeds that other people did a really good job on but it didn’t work out for me too well. Maybe its the essence of the work, or what is meant for me, so I think its about essence and frequency and sometimes we are not meant to grow certain things. These are things I think about.

But back to the aesthetic, I think my aesthetic is building r