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The Creator & The Creation

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Caretaker essence is something we keep in our daily awareness; it informs how we treat our mind, body, and spirit.

Caretaker / noun / a person who takes care of

Essence / noun / something that exists, especially a spiritual or immaterial entity

The things we create carry our essence.

Another way to say this is -

The things we create carry our frequency.

The place we most commonly understand this is -

Prepared meals; a home cooked meal “made with love”

The taste, nourishment and satisfaction are felt differently.

Conversely, have you ever grabbed some food off a shelf in a pinch and been completely unsatisfied? Maybe even felt sick?

You choke it down because “I'm just SO hungry right now!"

But you’re left wanting.

Everything we do carries our essence.

The people who;

Cut our hair,

Fix our cars,

Repair our homes,

Babysit our children,

Cook our food,

Do our taxes,

Teach our fitness classes,

Work with us on projects;

Their essence becomes a part of our ecosystem too.

The same is true for cannabis,

Even more so!

Cannabis is the great equalizer,

She tells you who the grower is,

She tells you who the breeder is;

If you’re open to listening

Cannabis is medicine. (and art)

Medicine grown by someone doing their inner work,

Who moves methodically,

Who loves on their plants,

Produces medicine with a higher vibrational frequency.

Medicine grown by someone who is rushed,


Focused on profits

Produces medicine with a lower vibrational frequency.

For the body to heal, our bodies must be relaxed.

Our bodies naturally relax and open up to their own inner healer in higher vibrational states.

In low vibrational states our bodies swell to protect.

My work produces great results because of the intentions I carry in my heart.

I trust in the Creator, I listening for guidance.

I know my only job is to keep myself in the highest vibrational state possible;

To allow the guidance to flow and my essence to purify each day.

Illustration: @boxbrown

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