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Celebrating One Year: Reflecting with Jeff & Ashley

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Jeffrey “Keyplay” Selsor is an artist, musician, entrepreneur, cannabis industry pioneer and master cannabis breeder. His art and his craft have created some of the world’s most benevolent and beautiful cannabis. A lifelong researcher of nature and science, Jeff has immersed himself in the study of natural healing and natural farming. Jeff lives by an ethic of quality consistency without compromise. This is what has allowed him to create some of the world’s most delighted and memorable cannabis varieties for healing and meditation.

Q: What are you most excited about with the one year celebration of Keys to the Kingdom?

A: It’s a lovely way for Ashley and I to document and showcase our day-to-day experience, and the beauty we see all around us. Ashley has worked very hard and she inspires me to keep growing. Keys to the Kingdom is a beautiful testament to both of our talents and that is what I am really excited about. Realizing that we are going to put some very cool things together, together.

Q: What can customers expect from Keys to the Kingdom?

A: They can expect new exciting flavors and profiles that will reward the grower. If looking for new experiences and something really fun and has essence of goodness in it you’ll find in this collection inspired by the Creator. With my latest work you will find supreme enjoyment and relief, in what I hope to be a beautiful experience.

Q: Why is the breeding selection process so important?

A: What you select is what you’re going to be passing off to others and to yourself, so I know it’s best to be breeding with plants you feel are the very best plants to host or provide pollen. You want to look for the strong traits things like pest resistance, mold resistance, vigor, good health, the inner nodal structure of the females, the leafing on everything. You really have to select through trial and error. With these new genetics sometimes there are 7 or more different variants so you should grow all of those out and test those all to see where you’re at. The process is timing consuming but it’s the only way to provide winners to your clients. You don’t want to provide seeds that are going herm, be weak, be prone to disease, be prone to bugs. You’re trying to rind the very finest plant to make the growing experience and the plant a benefit for your medical and recreational needs. There is a lot. There is a lot of reasons to really follow the breeding selection and it takes a lot of time and effort. It’s a way of being creative and it’s the way the artist or breeder creates. Breeding is scientific but it’s also like a canvas. You’re noting all the results and you’re doing all the tests, it’s pretty important.

Q: How do you sort through the influx of breeders and growers in cannabis?

A: I look for people who are doing super interesting things with the plant. That’s how I sort through it. I don’t follow or look toward Corporate pot and their anchor people as any direction I want to take. It’s the younger people doing some wonderful. People trying to preserve legacy genetics, and mix them up with new and old. I’m respectful of everybody because this is a long road. Where you were 10 years may be completely opposite of where you are today, and that’s me. I’ve changed my way of thinking about a lot of different but I’ve always kept my direction and where I wanted my genetics to go. Viewing all the different players in the industry and the way it works, I’ve just really came about-face on a lot of things.

Q: What makes a quality, medical cannabis plant?

A: A plant that has known attributes for treating a patient in one way or another. No real cut and dry definition as to what makes a great medical plant. It has a lot to do with how it’s grown. My thinking and the model I like to follow is a true medical plant is one that provides relief, benefit, or eradication of certain bad symptoms within a human body or mind. But it should also be organic and pleasurable with a real great terpene profile and just enough CBD to do the job.

Q: Why is there so much corruption in cannabis genetics?

A: That’s a pretty broad question. I guess there could be a lot of reasons why. My overall thinking is money and success corrupts those who don’t have a strong foundation for being truthful. I think a lot people, and this has been true for years and years, people are always trying to pull a fast one on somebody by not being honest about what they are working with, or how they created something because they don’t feel confident enough within themselves. Even if someone has the same elements as you do they’d probably create something different. Most people in cases like that are afraid someone would create something better, which is probably the truth. There is corruption from people who make money fast and who’s word doesn’t mean anything anymore. They want to remain as players. They see themselves as rap stars.

It’s totally ego-based, and I think corruption starts with ego based people. By the time you get so immersed with your lies and compounding lies, and you’ve already burnt so many bridges; these guys they do it every day. These guys will invent stories to cover their tracks from yesterday. The smarts like you and me, who se that, it’s so absurd. The public doesn’t see it too much. In my mind, these big brands are just total crap. They haven’t done anything new in years and they won’t. With the cannabis industry, there is a lot of stuff I’d throw in the garbage. It’s very disappointing, and there is good money paid for this stuff. That’s why I don’t really pay these people any mind. We as the seeing ones, the truthful ones, we know who they are. It’s just life. I don’t really know more than it being ego based for more power to make up for their little dick.

Q: What do you wish people knew?

A: I wish people knew the truth in how difficult, colorful, adventurous, treacherous, and rewarding all at once this journey is. I want people to know the truth. I want people to know they are, we all are, super powerful and we should use everything we have within us to further our experience while on this plane. We are not going to be here for long, time is the only thing we can’t buy and it’s moving quick. I want everybody to know everything you do matters. We need to bond together to start doing things the right way, with love and respect for each other as people.

Q: How do you take care of yourself?

A: I’m very conscious of what I eat and put in my body. I feel that eating plant based without large doses of crap works great for me, it keeps me going and healthy. I also exercise regularly. I smoke massive amounts of cannabis every day. I think the main thing is having a good frame of mind. When you forget how old you are, you are surprised when someone reminds you. When I go in to my garden the plant looks sad or not as bright and tight as usual but after I’ve been there they look really happy and upright. I think plant picks up on your mood just like animals do. It’s kind of an amazing thing. To me most plants just want to serve a human, they just want to give a human their fruits and flowers. They know they will going back to the earth, that is really beautiful. The cannabis plant has a very complex sensitive DNA, it can sense emotions like happiness and stress. You really do have to be in a good frame of mind when you’re around the plant, and really what’s there not to be in a good frame of mind about? You just walk around, smoke a joint, enjoy the presence of plants and be grateful.

Q: Is there something increasingly more urgent about our existence or is this a common but unfounded feeling?

A: I think the Old Guard is actually coming to an end. Life as we know it is gong to be disruptive very very shortly. History proves that although history has ben rewritten to serve the winners. The urgency right now is for every man, woman, and child to know Creator and to really come to realize there is something powerful waiting in the wings and something significant is going to happen. Now is the time to be strong, and do things the right way for the right reasons, stop being so selfish and so negative about things you don’t understand because something is gong to hit you between the eyes shortly. Most of you are on borrowed time anyways. Our demise is right around the corner, so if you don’t have a spiritual foundation I strongly suggest finding one.

Q: How do you deal with other peoples projections and perceptions?

A: I put that on the “pay me no mind” list. I don’t put any time and effort in to it. If they don’t respect or know the things I stand for are legitimate then I don’t spend any time on them.

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