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Common Breeding Terms

Keys the Kingdom offers F1 regular hybrid and poly hybrid seeds bred organically.


F1 or First Filial Generation

Generation of offspring of two genetically distinct parents

F2 or Second Filial Generation

Generation of offspring of two F1 parents. The grandchildren of F1

F3 or Third Filial Generation

Generation of offspring from two F2 parents. The great grandchildren of F1

S1 or Self/Selfed

Generation of offspring produced without distinct male parent



Natural cannabis seeds with equal opportunity for male and female plants and needs changes in light ratios to grow


Modified cannabis seeds to produce only bud-bearing plants and may or may not need changes in light ratios to grow; can be photoperiod or autoflower


Modified cannabis seeds grow based on age instead of change in light ratios; can be either regular or feminized



A domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment and isolation from other species retaining genetics and characteristics specific to that environment.


Genetics preserved and passed down for generations, heirloom strains have not been genetically manipulated and are meant to be pollinated openly.



A cross of two different strains

Poly Hybrid

A cross of two hybrids


Crossing of a hybrid with one of its parents or an individual genetically similar to its parent


Open Pollination

A large number of male plants freely pollinates female plants to preserve genetic diversity

Closed Pollination

A limited number of male plants pollinates the female plants or the female plant self fertilizes



Relating to or derived from living matter


Related to or derived from synthetic or chemical matter

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