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Lab Testing is Killing Commercial Weed

Lab testing is creating stupidity and confusion in the commercial cannabis market. Some commercial facilities and testing labs engage in corrupt practices to hide pesticide use and inflate THC%. The primary motivation for this is sales. Commercial cannabis market consumer buying patterns are driven by THC% and price.

We all know this intuitively and experientially. We have seen THC% go through the roof over the last few years. We have smoked commercial weed and the experience and affects do not map to what is on the label. We can all feel something is off and big business is running the show. Most smokers in the cannabis industry readily and regularly have conversations about how THC% is NOT what we are chasing and consumers are missing out not knowing the full spectrum of possible genetics and affects. I have yet to meet one person working in commercial weed who buys weed from a commercial facility.

Here is the where this is about to get very, very mess - politicians are going to start enacting laws to address the “risk” of high THC cannabis.

Really stop for a minute here.

We know the THC% is a lie.

I can’t figure out whats the bigger waste of money - tax dollars on politicians or billionaires fucking up the weed sandbox.

The real loser here is Mother Nature.

The plant is Mother Nature.

We are Mother Nature.

Homegrow and caregiver programs are immeasurably important for this reason. Commercial weed is going to collapse in on itself and leave us with three toxic big box store options. Those of us that appreciate cannabis for health and healing are going to need our farmers, home growers, and caregivers.

The nonsense and distortion around lab testing is going to heat up in 2023. Keep you wits about you!

Cannabis was NEVER a consumer safety issue

Lab testing has been corrupt from inception; the groups lobbying states to legalize represented growers, processors, dispensaries and testing labs, so they created a scenario where they all win and rub each others backs.

High THC% is not a public health issue because it’s a fuckin’ lie

Lab testing fraud will continue to make headlines

Politicians will continue to make terrible laws based on fraudulent lab test results

Don’t get lost in the sauce. The media is going to try to convince us in 2023 high THC weed is going to kill us.

Real truth is felt in the body, not read in an article. Think about this as you consume content. What lands in your body as an inner knowing and what lands in your head as “true fact”.

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