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Renaming Strains

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

Art meets life to help bring home a very important principal of cannabis; maintaining strain names to honor the geneticist.

Commercial License Holder: “Yeah, that Meat Breath wasn’t moving off my shelves so I renamed it to Mendo Breath. Boy, it sold in a day! I really respect your work. I’d love to open a cloning facility with you to get your genetics in all commercial facilities."

Yet renaming a strain that is not mine to make the consumer think it is my work to help you move inventory feels awfully disrespectful.

Art and original craftsmanship has meaning, intention, story. This commercial license holder didn’t know @__thugpuggenetics__ bought my gear (fair and square) then F2’ed it to start his own seed bank. He didn’t steal it and he was not a tester that went rouge. Two things I appreciate! There was a transparency to what he was doing. Albeit no originality but at least he was honest.

I do not appreciate the commercial market renaming the work of any breeder to make a sale. It is disrespectful to all of us who create originals.

It also confuses the consumer. It’s difficult enough to get useful, truthful cannabis information to consumers. Commercial facility owners capitalize on this confusion for sales.

Cannabis is art. Appropriately crediting the artist respects the art.

Illustration: @boxbrown

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