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Natural Healing Practices

Natural Healing may not seem easy at first.

We found if you distill your own values into a set of guiding principals, focus on the food, herbs and supplements in your kitchen, and approach every day as a fresh start natural healing becomes a way of life.

We want to share a few principles that guide us as we make decisions throughout the day about what we put in, on, and around our bodies.

  1. Cut out all toxins such as fluoride, preservatives, pesticides

  2. Cut out all wheat, corn, dairy, and meat

  3. Consume organic cannabis and cannabis oil

  4. Consume anti parasite and intestinal herbs

  5. Consume primarily fruits and vegetables

  6. Practice sungazing

  7. Practice Ho’oponopono

  8. Practice semen retention

  9. Use drybrush and gua-sha daily

  10. Take herbal and spiritual baths

  11. Listen to John Coltrane A Love Supreme

In our journey, we discovered a myriad of natural healing methodologies and practices that have improved our life.

Jeff’s passion for bettering health began with cannabis and expanded into herbs, mushrooms, crystals, and other “alternative” healing modalities. Ashley’s passion for bettering her health began with moving her body and effectively processing relational trauma and expanded into natural organic foods, mediation, prayer and cannabis.

In reality, the principles above are largely based on original healing modalities. Its up to us to remove the barriers to achieving our full potential.

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