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Podcast Interview: That One Time on Psychedelics

About That One Time on Pyschedlics

Greetings my brothers & sisters. Sending gratitude to all of you who are joining in today to accompany us down the rabbit hole of self exploration through plant medicines.My name is Ryan Sprague & im here to tell you that your frequency is now set & tuned to explore psychedelic medicines & the impact they've made among the countless psychonauts exploring the last true frontier.Buy a ticket & take the ride with me as we get true first hand accounts of the experiences, benefits, risks & transformations taking place within the ever expanding world of psychedelic medicines on This One Time On Psychedelics.

About Episode 91: Conscious Cannabis Cultivation & Breeding (feat. Jeff, "Keyplay", Selsor)

As any of you who have listened to this show before have heard me speak about, I only connect with Cannabis that was grown organically by individuals who are on an active pursuit of bettering themselves & doing the inner work necessary to be self aware, as I truly feel the energy of the cultivator of the medicine directly translates into the final product. This being said, I like to take this to an even deeper level by only working with genetics myself that have been Bred in organic systems & by breeders who, once again, have their values, morals & relationship with Cannabis in a conscious place & in todays episode, I will have the opportunity to be chatting with one of my favorite Cannabis genetic breeders & someone who I admire deeply for not only the wealth of knowledge he has around the subject of Cannabis cultivation as a whole, but also his devotion to coming into life each day as the best version of himself possible.

He is the creator of over 200 unique crosses including Grape Stomper, Mendo Breath, Mango Puff, High School Sweetheart, Breathworks #1, Unitas, East Coast Grateful Breath, Route 66, Countdown, and Romantic Warrior & as a lifelong researcher of nature & science, has immersed himself in the studies of natural healing & natural farming. Because of these passions, he has been able to create some of the world’s most delighted and memorable cannabis varieties for healing and reflection & at the present day, he is the owner of Inspirit Farms in Gladwin, Michigan, a 40-acre tranquil sanctuary where he creates heaven on earth & is the founder of “Keys To The Kingdom”, which is his genetics company where any of you looking to purchase genetics from him can do so.

Show Notes:

(4:49)  How did Jeffrey first get into psychedelics and breeding?

(11:16) What have we learned from cannabis?

(17:12) Jeffrey’s growing technique. 

(29:30) How to get healing out of cannabis.

(53:48) Where you can reach Jeffery.

(55:21) One final question…

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