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Keys to the Kingdom Press Release

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

The new venture is a cumulation of Selsor’s decades of experience in the cannabis industry and aims to innovate and educate while supporting others in the industry

GLADWIN, Michigan (February 22, 2022)—Globally renowned cannabis geneticist Jeff Selsor, also known as Keyplay, has unveiled Keys to the Kingdom, his latest venture he co-founded with business partner Ashley Nickel.

Keys to the Kingdom is a premier organic cannabis genetics and organic seed grower company located in Gladwin, Michigan. The new venture employs natural farming, holistic healing and organic cannabis breeding in its quest to produce quality plant medicines.

Leveraging Keyplay’s growing and breeding expertise, Keys to the Kingdom aspires to create the world’s finest cannabis genetics at accessible prices. It also aims to share knowledge, resources and space with other plant medicine caretakers to uplift other healers, artists, activists and entrepreneurs.

In launching Keys to the Kingdom, Keyplay capitalizes on his track record of success and notoriety in the cannabis industry. He is a renowned grower and master breeder in the cannabis industry, creating over 250 unique crosses to date. Keyplay has committed his life to researching the intersections of nature and science and the art of natural healing and farming in developing his cannabis varieties.

His previous ventures, Gage Green Group and Seed Bank for Humanity, enjoyed notable success for their achievements in creating new business models for cannabis genetics and the boutique seed economy.

Keyplay partners with co-founder Ashley Nickel in launching this latest venture. As co-founder and chief operating officer of Keys to the Kingdom, Nickel brings years of experience creating high-powered business strategies and improving bottom-line performance in the corporate world to the team. Nickel’s interest in cannabis as an agent of wellness and healing began when a life-altering genetic condition led her to seek out natural health and healing options. After leaving the corporate world, Nickel obtained her cannabis distribution license and founded Cannabis Curious, which includes a podcast covering cannabis business and policy issues for entrepreneurs and government leaders.

Together, Keyplay and Nickel aim to create a premier cannabis company where the entire team contributes to the brand’s mission and vision. Both Keyplay and Nickel intend to play hands-on roles within the company, making themselves available to customers, growers and anyone else interested in learning more about cannabis genetics, breeding and growing.

“I am thrilled to turn the page to this new chapter in my life and career,” said Jeff Selsor, chief executive officer and master breeder. “Keys to the Kingdom truly is a culmination of my life’s work in the cannabis industry and honors the power and potential of all-natural farming. Our entire team is eager to continue creating innovative cannabis genetics that will work well in both commercial and craft settings, including using targeted breeding protocols to meet the medical needs of patients who can benefit from cannabis’ natural healing powers.”

To learn more about Keys to the Kingdom, visit

About Keys to the Kingdom

Keys to the Kingdom, a premier organic cannabis genetics company, is the brainchild of the world-renowned breeder Jeff Selsor, aka Keyplay. Keyplay, whose reputation precedes him, continues the rich tradition he began decades ago, a tradition rooted in natural farming, holistic healing and proprietary organic growing and breeding methods to produce potent, healthful life-giving flower. Keys to the Kingdom is a manifestation of Keyplay’s creative force, drawing on principles of peace, presence and personal empowerment through creative expression and connection with the Creator.

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