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Terms of Sale

All invoices for purchases made after this date will be charged at the prices quoted therein, unless special offers are made in writing.

We expect to adhere to these prices, except where important changes compel us to advance or reduce our prices, in which case we will be governed by the market.

Terms of Payment

To regular customers and well-known seed banks our terms are three days net except where otherwise stated. Three days is the limit of time for payment of invoices for purchase from this catalog. All invoices whose remittances have not been received three days after date of invoice will be cancelled and customer will have to make other arrangements.


We make no charge for packing. All packs are wax sealed with embossed authentication cards.

Shipping Instructions

The prices quoted in this catalog are F.O.B. destination. After delivering to customers in good order our responsibility ceases. All goods travel at the expense of customer, and when sent by parcel post the cost of postage will be included in the invoice. Please give complete shipping instructions with each order.

We do not Commission Seeds

In response to inquiries each year, we would state that we positively decline to send out any seeds on commission or consignment.

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