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Tested & Proven Genetics

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

I exercise every possible care in the selection process, and in the growing, harvesting, and curing of Keys seeds. My entire effort is devoted to the production of seeds of the highest quality. I try to do this one thing as well as possible. I breed medical cannabis genetics with the finest organic means and methods with great intentions and a lot of love.

A variety of growers and breeders test every batch of my seeds for quality, vitality, and genetic expression. Myself and select cadre of testers around the world grow the new genetics in a variety of conditions and settings. Keys to the Kingdom works with growers at all skill-levels, tenures, and professions. The intention of testing is to better understand how the genetics grow and smoke, as well as hold integrity in various growing environments. Testing is a continuous process both by myself and the Keys to the Kingdom testers. I'm always testing. Our testers are a very important part of how I work. Through testing I seek to understand more about the new genetics first, then make breeding or market release decisions.

Keys to the Kingdom wants testers that are going to represent us and themselves in a dignified manner; one that can be viewed as open, fair, and honest as this will give great credibility to the work they’ve singed up to do. We’re always seeking well-adjusted people who have time to put their very best in to their grows regardless of whether it’s my gear or their own. I ask our testers to take the plant through a healthy grow cycle in whatever means or methods, and note the outcome.

Through testing I’m looking for information on method of germination, germination rate, flowering time, growing medium, lightning, nutrients, flower time, videos and photos throughout process, and smoke report. Sometimes the most enjoyable feedback beyond photos, is a growers smoke report to understand how the terpenes and affects are working together.

If you’re interested in testing for Keys to the Kingdom please email


Jeff “Keyplay” Selsor, founder of Gage Green Group and Seed Bank for Humanity, established Keys to the Kingdom to exclusively carry on genetic preservation and selection work in an all organic environment, and to test his new offerings before releasing.

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