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Customer Profile: Michigan Caregiver On Growing Keys For Patients

Updated: May 12, 2023

I have been growing fruits and vegetable gardens most of my life with a few years here and there on and off. I would spend my summers as a child on my aunt and uncles farm and we would have a giant garden full of fruits and vegetables for canning and eating. I have a lot of fond memories as a child on the farm gardening. I do remember as a kid my father growing marijuana in a closet and a few of his friends as well who would secretly grow in their closets or other hiding places.

How far we have come from those days.

I actually have a first edition of the cultivator's hand book of Marijuana from the 1970s my father left me when he passed. It's always interested me in many ways. All of the benefits and the things you learn along the way even with a regular garden it's a great hobby.

I have been growing specifically medical for the last 3 years now. I am registered with the state medical program. I was born here in Bay City, Michigan and now reside here as well. I left for a few years to be in the service but decided to come home. I am a proud union steam fitter by trade it affords me my expensive hobby; you can go cheaper on an indoor grow but you get better results with a better set up. My father was a carpenter and I learned quiet a bit from him. I was a generator mechanic in the military. I have done everything from being a barista in my late teens to a courier, nurses aid in a assisted living facility to driving semi across 48 states and a few other professions till 10 years ago of being in the field I am in now.

I grow for love of growing; bringing life into this world and helping those who cannot help themselves have a better quality of life through my knowledge and experience as well as my resources. This is what the caregiver program is supposed to be about. Helping those through natural holistic medicine. Not enough of us out here to help with our knowledge and abilities.

I’m an avid fisherman as well as everything from open water to ice; flies to lures. My life now consists of my son whom I raised since he was 6 months old he's 19 going on 20; I have a girlfriend whom lives with me. Our health in general is great we try and live as naturally and organically as we can.

Q: What drew you to growing cannabis for medical patients?

It all started with my love of gardening at a young age. I've always planted an outdoor garden (fruits and vegetables) for my family and myself. I saw an opportunity to help people who are in detrimental way with their health. It's kinda weird though. I don't smoke or ingest it because of my career. There is still a little stigma about it.

Q: What are some of the health issues you help your patients manage?

Oh wow good question. There is a laundry list of issues. Mostly pain, anxiety and depression which go hand in hand and insomnia; just in general quality of life. Not having the ability to function normally. Epilepsy is another one; a few strains out there actually work better then prescription medication on the market today at preventing seizures. It's really amazing

Q: In your experience, what are the limitations of pharmaceuticals or traditional western medicine?

Traditional medicine use can be a burden to patients with real health issues. I talk to my patients regularly. Especially two I have with severe MS. One of the biggest issues is opioids. These are a real problem for them with the side effects produced from the drug. As when they use them they also have to take other medicines to help counteract the side effects of the medicine. On top of already taking a mountain of other medications for their symptoms. It's about quality of life and the ability too function on a normal level. Also with muscle spasms as well; calming them; I have seen this myself and it's extraordinary to witness.

Q: How do our genetics help you address the needs of your patients?

Through selection of parents and the quality of genetics. Jeff is an expert in the field of quality genetics. I like to make sure my patients get the relief they need for their day to day activities. Take Sunset Veritas for example. The pairing of Loompa's Headband (phenomenal parent) it's effects on calming the mind and the Veritas strain for pain. Creating a great medicinal sleep aid for my patients.

Q: What is your experience like growing and prescribing our genetics to your patients?

Growing the strains has been a pleasure; actually exciting. I have never seen quality of growth like I have with Keys to the Kingdom selections. Prescribing the proper medicine for my patients has been easy through Keys crosses. My patients have absolutely no questions as to my recommendations and choices as I do my due diligence in research and strain selection. It's really all about the breeder and good solid genetics.

Q: As a Caregiver what do you look for when sourcing cannabis genetics?

I look at reputable breeders especially one as reputable as Jeff. His track record speaks volumes. Definitely a pioneer in holistic natural medicine. And his selection of genetics, no question there. Finding a breeder of his caliber is like finding a needle in a hay stack. So many companies and people breeding it's scary you never know what your gonna get especially when it's hard to find out who's really doing the work. I want to make sure I am getting what I selected and of good genetics for my patients as well as protecting my investment

Q: What are you most excited about right now in your garden?

I have an Eastern Rebellion (Keys to the Kingdom) right now; she is in week 3 of flower and has tremendous trichome coverage all over her sugar leafs and even on the fan leaves. She is VERY gassy already and absolutely gorgeous. I also have a White Wedding (Keys to the Kingdom); I can't keep up with her the growth; it's insane she is very defiant and very dominate in my garden. These genetics are a pleasure too grow. I can't say enough about the genetics and Keys to the Kingdom.

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