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Learn what others have to say about Keys to the Kingdom.

Keys to the Kingdom Testimonial .jpg

I'm confident in the healing properties of Jeff's organic cannabis. His flavorful flower offers increased creativity and presence. 

Annie, Therapist

Every bean I pop I know is of the utmost quality. Always a chance at a keeper. It's a blessing being able to work with Jeff's genetics. I'm even using one of his males. 

Freak Genetics, Breeder


Grateful Breath bred by Jeff always reminding me why she's queen of the garden, and the gassy funk on her overpowers everything she's around.

East Coast Army, Breeder

You're hands down the best in the game, I don't see anyone else above you its an honor to work with your genetics and be able to talk to you this has been my dream since I was 14 and saw weed can be grown completely organically I wouldn't be inspired and here if it weren't for you! You've inspired me more than you know including hundreds of thousands!

Anonymous, Grower

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